Basic Information

Infection is all about having things to do, taking the normal zombie game and adding a large, deep story, and at the same time having many other game-modes to choose from. You can even just hang with your friends in the lobby mode. The game will feature a fully working achievement system so you can show off your accomplishments, an in-game stats page, and a fully customizable HUD. Our game is your game, it’s all about the users.



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Check out the game-modes for an idea.


    The Team

Dev team
BakonGuy: Douglas Morgan - Coder, Skinner, Lead Designer, Everything Except Modeler

Super-Pop-Tart: David Ehlers - Skinner, Concept Artist, Modeler, Designer

Waffle Sith: Jeremy Lanoiselee - Mapper

FinalEclipse: Tester

BlueKitsune: Tester

Kyle Kyleton: Tester

Waterrmelonn: Tester

Fr33Runn3r: Correy Prigeon -  Writer, Tester


Infection News

4-29-10: Barricade mode is in the works! Maybe once it's playable I'll post a video

1-08-10: Public Infection alpha planned for January 16th!

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