Game Modes

Current Game Modes

Campaign - Story Mode

 Genocide - No details yet.

 Barricade - This is a co-op based game mode. You will need to use the given 3 minutes at the beginning of each round to set up a variety of physics props as a barricade. After that 3 minutes there will be waves of zombies, the difficulty of the zombies as-well as the amount of time per wave (and the interval between waves) are all dictated by how well the team is doing. Once all survivors are dead, the timer stops, and your team time is recorded.

Survival - The same as any other game's survival, with a catch. Players need to work together to live but at the same time they are your enemys. Players will be trapped in a small or medium sized area with a constant  horde of zombies, they work together to stay alive but at the same time the only way to win is to stay alive the longest. There is currently a rank system, a stats system, and an achievement system in development, all of which will be integrated in this game-mod.

Lobby - A mode to hang out. Features in this mode include survival practice, a shooting range, and much more to come. This mode is still WIP, so don't expect a lot out of it yet. But future plans include adding actual games, such as bowling.


Infection News

4-29-10: Barricade mode is in the works! Maybe once it's playable I'll post a video

1-08-10: Public Infection alpha planned for January 16th!

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