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This Gamemode is pretty much obvious as it is;


The Player(s) are in a certin area, having access to many pieces of equipment avilable on the game and are setted on that map, and once everyone is 'Ready' the door to leave will open, and they will have to race down to the extraction zone (Another location) being chased down by a huge, infinite horde of zombies from almost every direction (Except forward) and they will have to kill thaier way through the horde to reach the zone, there aint no breaks and no stops, you must get to the extraction and the horde will show no remorse.


The maps of the gamemode will have diffarent routes, but all are connecting only from one spot to the other (Start to the Finish) where players can even get seperated or take diffarent routes to reach the exit, where some will be faster, some more difficult and etc.

Each map will have like... 4 Types of weapon, 4 weapons of each type and constant ammunition spawns each time you pick one up, so you can fill up to the max ammo for the said gun you took.

Where you will have the option to take pistols, subs, machineguns, bigger weapons or melees, and much more.


Once The player(s) die, the game restarts, but if the surviving player(s) reach the finish (rescue) zone, the game ends and a new map loads.


Any ideas and suggestions and also feedback will be thanked :P

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Its kinda like the crecendo hordes in l4d2, but I like it. Definatly something to give thought about.



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